We regard data protection as a customer-oriented quality feature.
Since the protection of your personal data is important to us, particularly in terms of the protection of personal privacy when processing and utilising this information, we would like to inform you of the following points:

1. General information relating to data protection and data security. Purpose of recording data

We use your personal data as well as any subsequent amendments to your personal data when a inquiry or booking is made to process your order on this website. We understand “processing an order” to mean completing the reservation, order and payment, and in the case of postal delivery, the delivery of documents to the address indicated, and if necessary the processing of cancellations and refunds, but not the unsolicited sending of our newsletter or emails.

On the one hand, our aim is to supply you with information that satisfies your interests and preferences. On the other hand, we would like our offers to be precisely what you are looking for and meet your specific requirements.

Your personal data will not be passed to third parties. External service providers who process data on our behalf are contractually obliged to strictly observe the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act, and are therefore not regarded as “third parties” as far as the data protection law is concerned. Our customer database and our Internet server are state-of-the art in terms of security measures and to the best of our knowledge and belief, therefore, guarantee the best possible protection of your data against loss, misuse and unauthorised or unapproved access, disclosure, modification or deletion. However, the transfer of your data to our Internet server is carried out without encryption.

Implementation of and compliance with these data protection declarations:

SE-LOGISTIC promises to comply with the points mentioned above with regard to data protection as described.

Should you have any queries, suggestions and/or criticisms relating to data protection on this website, then please contact SE-LOGISTIC’s data protection officer.

2. How secure is the transfer of my data to DB on the Internet?

The security of your data is an important issue to know on this website. We encrypt every SSL transfer with an strong algorithm. Please ensure to enter this homepage and use the url wich starts with “https://www.se-logistic.eu”. As soon as you have entered your data during the registration process or when placing an order and have clicked the Send button, your information is sent to us.

3. How secure is my data when it is stored in your database?

We store the data you have transferred behind a series of firewalls to ensure they are protected from any kind of external access. We handle your data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, i.e. your data is neither further processed nor passed on to third parties outside our company.

4. How can I check the encryption in my browser?

This is how you check the code in your browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Right-click in the form and select “Properties” from the context men
  • You can then see the type of encrpytion in the window that appears next under “Connection”


  • Right-click in the form and select “Show information” from the context menu.
  • The information on the page will be shown in the lower half of the window that appears next.
  • With some versions of Netscape you have to click once in the link given under “Address”, then the site information window has to be closed and reopened to be able to view the security information.

5. What is a cookie?

The optional use of a cookie is only provided in the case of shipment information when you wish to activate content for registered customers. A cookie is a very small file that can be stored on your PC. It is used to automatically display frequently used data in the case of information that is repeatedly accessed. This cookie is not harmful to your computer. This means you can confidently configure your browser to accept our cookie. However, you can use all the options available for both shipping information and the ordering function at this website without the cookie functionality. In this case, however, data you have already entered cannot be saved for future queries and will have to be entered again next time you use the service. In the case of registered customers, we do not use cookies for personell data, this data is stored securely in our customer database.

6. External links

SE-LOGISTIC accepts no liability for the contents of other providers who can be contacted via the hyperlinks at its site.

Many links at our site refer to contents which are not stored on our own servers. When setting links, external contents are checked to ensure that they are not illegal or of a criminal nature. It cannot however be excluded that contents are subesequently changed by providers. SE-LOGISTIC is under no obligation to carry out regular checks and therefore rejects any liability.

7. Name und Adress of responsible person.

Responsible for Privacy infromation is:

SE-LOGISTIC internationale Spedition
Cannstatter Str. 76
70734 Fellbach